If I ran the business

If I ran the business,

I’d put engineers on the lot,

Invite them to discuss

Each customer’s thought.

Engineers would not mind

This input from mankind.

On the TV remote,

I’d take out most buttons,

And add one little note

Of simplification.

Engineers would love that,

This little bit of chat.

And when my car sputters,

I’d call the company,

Talk to designers

Out there in Germany.

“There’s a noise on the right,

Fix the darn thing in flight.”

They might protest a dab,

And do it in the lab.

I would have a big screen

Through which I’d call them all,

Engineers could be seen

Through my designer wall.

“Change this and that,” I’d say,

And they would all obey.

They would welcome my art,

For engineers are smart.

From my suburb nearby

To the farthest nation,

They would all amplify

Our co-creation.

And engineers would bring

Some new composition,

That customers would sing

In a grand jam session.

They would get a new pride,

And might well smile inside.

For engineers get healed

Once their hearts are revealed.

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