Best business books of 2010

I was pleased to be included among The Conference Board Review‘s annual survey of business authors on “The Best Business Book You’ve Read This Year.” I reviewed the recent published book by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner:

Michael Eisner’s Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed will touch your heart through the simple stories of friendship it tells, and it will enlighten you on how successful leaders often team up with a less emblematic alter ego who gets things done in the shadow. Starting with the story of his relationship with Frank Wells at Disney, Eisner illustrates how early interactions such as the acceptance of a lesser title or the awkward sharing of an office form the basis for great relationships. There is no leadership framework in this book, yet the stories of how Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Joe Torre, and Valentino each relies on a humble partner to succeed will send you searching for your own business soul mate.

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